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The Wayne Mediation Center (WMC) is a community based non-profit organization providing confidential resolution of conflicts as well as training and education to schools, individuals, families, businesses and other entities in metropolitan Detroit and throughout Wayne County. In 2013, we provided conflict resolution services in over 2,100 conflicts, the great majority of them referred to us by local courts and schools.


  • Conflict resolution provides an opportunity for communication and open dialogue. Respectful dialogue encourages clarity, which leads to understanding and opens the door to resolution. Our highly skilled mediators establish an atmosphere of respect and help parties develop realistic, workable solutions;
  • Conflict resolution is affordable because WMC charges for its services based upon an individuals ability to pay. We can do this because we are a non-profit receiving funding from a variety of sources, and we benefit from the use of many dedicated volunteers.


  • Angelina Garcia, a second grader at a Detroit public school, had accrued 29 unexcused absences when her mother received a letter from Angelina’s school inviting her to attend truancy prevention mediation as an alternative to the school filing a truancy petition with the Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney. Mrs. Garcia arrived at the school on the morning of the mediation feeling angry and frustrated.
  • Roger and Samuel came to the Center by way of referral from a Wayne County judge. Samuel was being charged for reckless use of a firearm.
  • Sam, an 11-year old boy, had lived in the same foster home for 4 years. At the time his foster mother first considered adoption, Sam objected and said he wasn’t ready to be adopted.

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